Our favorite place on earth is a book store.

New, used, chain, independent, warehouse, college, online, even thrift—if there is a bookshelf in a store, that’s where we can be found. A bookshelf is a magical thing, full of mystery and wonder. Between each and every cover lies months, and often years, of hard work, patience and perseverance, imagination and intellect.

Isn’t it tragic then, that we can never hope to take it all in? Even in our areas of interest, there is simply too much good material for one lifetime. But that’s what makes a bookstore such a Disneyland of the mind. Unexplored worlds await our interest. New ideas and ancient truths are there to be discovered. Adventure, thrills, and laughter are there to be had, again and again, until at last we shuffle off to home and bed . . . all at once, exhausted, contented, even satiated. . . . Until tomorrow.

Can we help make your books beautiful?

Yes. It’s what we live for. The only thing better than discovering new books is helping to create them. All of those months and years of hard work will often go completely unnoticed if they are not made appealing to the eye.

How many books have you set back on the shelf because they appeared ugly or amateurish? How many have you passed by, refusing even to pick them up? That’s because presentation matters.

“Oh, but my material is dry and technical—the audience is interested only in the information.” Yeah, maybe; but even statistics are a symphony to a statistician. In other words, if your information (or story) is important to your audience, then the same kind of care that went into the writing should go into the presentation as well. A poor presentation can suggest an equal lack of attention to detail in the writing. Making your books beautiful lends them the importance that they deserve.

So, when can we start?

Whenever you’re ready. Drop us an email, or give us a ring. Let’s chat about what you might need.

John and Rhonda Wincek,

Say, just who do you guys think you are?

Who, us? Just your friendly neighborhood book designers. We started in publishing 20-some years ago, and have been at it ever since. We’ve had a lot of practice, so we’re pretty darned good. No job is too small, but big and complicated are our specialties.

We’re a freelance husband-and-wife team, together 24-7. (I know. Weird, huh?) Yeah, there are degrees and stuff, but blah, blah, blah. Who cares, right? All that matters is that we can do the job. Bottom line is, we’re good, and we’re very easy to work with. And as freelancers, our survival depends entirely upon your happiness.

We promise that you will be happy. Very happy.

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